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When you’re autistic, life can feel overwhelming.


When things go wrong for autistic people, it tends to be because other people’s understanding is lacking. Whether it’s a child having a meltdown in a shopping centre, an adult struggling to find a job or a parent trying to make their local school more autism-friendly, better public understanding can make all the difference.


It’s often public spaces that autistic people find hardest. They can be overwhelming – crowded, unpredictable, loud and bright. And when people feel overloaded by too much information, they often encounter a public that simply doesn’t understand them and their autism.


We need to challenge the myths, misconceptions and stereotypes that make autistic people feel so isolated and make society feel so unwelcoming. Even a small amount of autism understanding can transform people’s experiences.


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As part of our coffee morning if you would like to send us some answers to some of our questions then please email your answers to: [email protected]


Please answer the following questions:


1) Describe one positive aspect of living with autism.


2) What are your hopes or fears for the future?


3) How would you describe autism to someone who doesn't know what it is? how does

   it affect you?


4) Describe the first time you realised that living with autism meant you would have to fight harder                    

   than other people to get the same things they do?


5) Describe one of the challenges of not getting the right support locally, or the positive difference the right support can make.



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